Look At What We Came Upon

Andrea and I live a couple of miles from a small lake nestled just a few miles from Pittsburgh. It’s a great place to escape the urban scene (and sirens). The other day we came across two new families of baby geese, their parents and their friends. What a great way to get away.

George Washington: The ‘Town Destroyer’ Before The Revolution

More than 20 years before taking the helm as the nation’s first “Great Councilor of the 13 Fires,” George Washington was a Colonel in the British Army. As part of his duties, he was dispatched to Pittsburgh to tell the French to get the hell out of town, the British wanted control of the area and … More George Washington: The ‘Town Destroyer’ Before The Revolution

Sunrise Over The City

I got up early this morning and trekked up to Mount Washington, which oversees downtown Pittsburgh. I’m really glad I did; the reflections of bridges on the river are an appropriate metaphore for reflecting on the day-to-day of living in the city below. The view was spectacular and changed almost minute by minute. Reflecting

“Weekly Photo Challenge:” Reflecting, Part 1

Having a bit of time on my hands – being laid off does provide this, at least –  I’ve decided to participate in the weekly WordPress Photo Challenge. This week’s theme is “Reflecting.” The photos here are of buildings are on the outskirts of downtown Pittsburgh. I was driving home one afternoon and caught the … More “Weekly Photo Challenge:” Reflecting, Part 1


“They say stay in the lines, but there’s always something better on the other side.” – John Mayer